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ambigram architects

is a young dynamic design studio that is driven by outstanding design and modern innovation. Our synergy of craftsmanship and architectural vision lends a sophisticated aesthetic to our completed projects.

Our passion is hallmarked within every step of our design philosophy: from a well-considered concept, visionary planning scheme to the artful implementation and place making of each project that creates a truly unique result. A distinctive quality to our architecture is achieved through the close collaboration between clients, ourselves and consultants that address the requirements of each project to achieve a meticulously executed piece of architecture.

The construction process is pivotal in ensuring that each project is a success. This is established on the following principles:

– Exploring new building technologies and reviewing construction methodologies to ensure efficient timescales.

– Careful understanding of the construction sequences and interrogation of the status quo where necessary.

– Durable choice of materials with a timeless quality that does not distort budgets but excel in expectations.

Whilst our practice is involved with a number of building types in terms of scale and complexity; we continue to explore the frontiers of design through an active interest in the making of space through juxtaposition detailing, interior architecture and product design. We strongly believe that our spaces should be beautiful, bespoke and underpinned by a clear understanding in the use through functionality, optimised layouts and daylight orientation.


We always bring an energetic design approach to every project which is tailored to each client’s aspirations on vision, budget and site specific constraints in the aim to excel these expectations.

We offer a comprehensive design and consultation service for private home owners, developers and businesses that expect something different.

We assist in the preparation of a Site Development Strategy, Feasibility study and Development Brief that sets out an expected unfolding framework to steer through the initial stages of a scheme.

We work collaboratively with a range of consultants that enable our clients to receive a well-considered scheme and assist in making informed decisions throughout the process.

Design solutions incorporate simple detailing and uncomplicated construction methodologies but always steering to enhance the existing building or context, efficient but sustainable solutions and using passive design decisions through natural ventilation and thermal mass to improve the energy performance of a building. As a direct result aiding in reducing utility bills, minimising maintenance cost and ultimately increasing the value of your property both in terms of quality of design and optimum floor space.